Unsure if Clear Guidance can help you?

Are you or a loved one...

  • Worried about what will happen to your spouse if something happens to you?
  • Getting ready to leave rehab?
  • Unsure how to meet the needs of your parents or loved ones that have varying care needs?
  • Concerned about recent hospitalizations and the inability to stay stable?
  • Suffering from a chronic illness that is difficult to manage?
  • Needing help understanding what your Long Term Care Insurance policy covers?
  • Seeing changes in physical health and unsure of the next best step?
  • Concerned about being a burden to your children and looking to ease their fears? 
  • Have a recent diagnosis for a loved one and want to learn about / plan ahead for future challenges?
  • Facing difficult behaviors or resistance to care?
  • Are you at a distance from your loved one and concerned about his/her safety or monitoring care?

       If you answered YES to any of the above - we can help




Dr. Pilcher offers both short and long term consulting services. For many family members, what is necessary and most valuable is to receive guidance around specific issues they are currently facing. 

Dr. Pilcher offers both in office consulting as well as on-site, phone or video conferencing meetings. 

Consultation can be a one-time event, ongoing coaching or can be provided on an as-needed basis. 

Common themes addressed in consultations include:

  • Developing strategies for overcoming resistance and introducing supports

  • Placement options

  • Dealing with specific disease processes or behavioral challenges

  • Navigating next steps of complex medical issues

  • Selecting and introducing home care options

Care Management


At times, either family members or fellow professionals can benefit from having a third party or objective assessment of a client or loved one. Care Management services include:

Initial Assessment

A holistic, comprehensive approach to uncovering medical history, current challenges, diagnoses, care needs, financial status, family dynamics and goals. An assessment is often helpful if you are unsure which level of care is most appropriate.


After the initial assessment, Dr. Pilcher will present her findings to you about your choices going forward. Her approach is to find a solution that provides the least restrictive environment and promotes the greatest degree of independence.


Once recommendations have been made, family members or fellow professionals can often implement suggestions on their own. However, many find it invaluable to have a partner in this process who is familiar with the providers and/or facilities you are working with.

Ongoing Monitoring

If you live at a distance, are not a clinican or are unable to provide ongoing oversight yourself, Dr. Pilcher provides monitoring and management of her client's medical appointments, care needs and overall well being.

Remote Coaching


Dont live in the Greater Boston area? Clear Guidance can provide many of its specialized services to clients anywhere in the continental United States or Canada. 

Providers with the specific expertise you are looking for are hard to find. While we cannot advise you on local resources, we can still be a valuable part of your care team. Please reach out to us to find out how.

Training / Presentations


Have you considered becoming a Certified Care Manager but cant find the training and supervision you need to do so? Clear Guidance can give you these tools and everything else you need to  know to become a successful Aging Life Care Manager. 

Ancillary Services


Clear Guidance also provides:

  • Placement and/or relocation services
  • Long term care insurance review
  • Health care advocacy
  • Family Mediation / problem solving
  • Issue resolution with service provider and/or facility